Monthly payment plan? You got it!
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Get ready to start earning REAL revenue from Instagram – even with less than 1,000 followers. 🎉 
Get ready to start earning REAL revenue from Instagram – even with less than 1,000 followers. 🎉 
Swipe the strategies I've used to grow my client accounts to over 250,000 cumulative Instagram followers...
 ...and generate over $907,331.49 in tracked revenue to businesses.
You know that a healthy Instagram following is the key to getting clients and customers on autopilot, plus attracting some big-time attention…
There's just one problem. 👀
Growing your Instagram account feels 100% impossible.

You’ve tried everything.

You’ve done the photoshoots, copied-and-pasted the popular hashtags, and posted every day (well, when you’re not drowning in the rest of your to-do list)...
But you’ve got nothing to show for it. 🤷‍♀️
It seems like everyone else has unlocked some magic Insta code

They’re getting featured by drool-worthy brands, fielding client and sponsor inquiries left and right, and sipping cocktails on the beach (with perfectly contoured makeup, of course).

Meanwhile... you can barely find time to snap a picture of your cold coffee, and every time you post, your BFF is the only one who comments.
InstaGrowth Boss - Elise Darma
"My coffee is cold but this post will grow my account, right? RIGHT?"
elise darma
Pre-Instagram days...
slugging it out as an employee.
I've been down in these dumps before. 😕
I know what it's like to spend hours editing a photo... and only get five likes.

Or never hitting "send" on that pitch to a dream brand... because my influence (and confidence) was in question.
I felt like a fraud. 😔
As a 9-5 employee, I craved the freedom to travel more than 2 weeks a year.

So I started my own social media freelance business.

But when it came to pitching my expertise as a social media marketer... I felt like a huge imposter with my tiny account following.
I was afraid I'd lose clients at any given moment –– and be stuck in my job for good. 😩
Here’s the thing, friend.
It doesn’t have to be so hard.
It’s not your fault that your Instagram account feels like a graveyard. 👻
There’s so much #fakenews out there...

It makes finding the right strategies almost impossible.  

Here are just a few of the myths you might have heard (these drive me CRAZY).
Myth #1: "Just post every day. It’s simple." 😬
Yes, Instagram can be simple. I'm going to show you how to do it in just 15 minutes a day

But it's not as simple as just posting once a day, crossing your fingers, and hoping for the best. 

There are important strategies and tactics that you need to have in your back pocket in order to make real change.

And the people who tell you that you only need to post every day...

That might have been their experience, but they probably were already Internet-famous or hit the jackpot with viral attention from one post... 

And that means the strategies that worked for them are different than the strategies that are going to work for you.
Myth #2: "The algorithm has ruined Instagram." 🤖
When engagement drops, the algorithm is the first thing that people blame.

"I've been shadow-banned!"

"The algorithm isn't showing my posts to my friends!"

The thing is, the algorithm favours quality over quantity.

It's designed to reward posts that work with it rather than against it. And when you do this, your post can be seen in people's feeds for D-A-A-AYS. 

This means longer exposure from one post and the chance for your post to be seen in multiple places by potential followers.

Yes, the algorithm has changed the Instagram game, but once you crack its code, your account will be well on its way to attracting quality followers.
Myth #3: “You can only grow on Instagram if you take pretty pictures... 📸
or live in a Pinterest-worthy apartment...

or look like a swimsuit model...


Okay, so these ones we might be telling ourselves...

But rest assured, your success on Instagram doesn't depend on how you look, where you live, or your photography skills.

There are multiple ways to grow healthy Instagram accounts that DON'T involve photography, spending hours creating and editing content, or taking selfies.
Based on my 6 years' of growing client accounts, I show you the how-tos of Instagram marketing for your business inside InstaGrowth Boss.
Life after InstaGrowth Boss means...
👯 Attracting dream followers and customers
(without it dominating your entire day and life).
💰 Earning money directly from Instagram
so that your income gets a sweet boost.
👀 Being seen as an influencer in your field
(so you can finally raise your prices with confidence).
✈️ Getting paid to have new life experiences
all while your business continues to grow.
🛋 Flexibility and the freedom to be wherever you want to be
...including on your couch in your PJs!
Here are a few ways Instagram has changed my business and life.
Two businesses making over 6-figures – all from 250,000 followers curated and grown for clients and over 70,000 followers on my personal account.
Free press features by Forbes and Entrepreneur.com, resulting in more sales to my business and a much-needed raise in my prices (without feeling like a fraud).
Over 400 days spent working abroad in places like Bali, Spain, and Hawaii—and my Instagram-based business covered 100% of my travel expenses.
Free travel, accommodation and products, freeing up more revenue to spend on ads, office equipment and contractors for my biz.
And I'm not the only one.
Cara quit her job of 20 years after learning InstaGrowth Boss and starting her own services agency. 👉
“Third quarter, I am on target to bring in $20,000 USD gross revenue, and I think – fourth quarter – I can bring in around $30,000."
(And then... Cara sent me THIS message 👇)
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I asked Jordan what her ROI was from taking the InstaGrowth Boss course... 

👇 Her response:
Jordan earned almost $12K to her biz!
But she's not the only one...
Within 3 weeks of starting InstaGrowth Boss, Kate signed a client right from Instagram – earning over $2,000 to her business!
“Signing one client from this course has more than paid for the tuition – more than 8 times.”
"InstaGrowth Boss is hands down the best IG course I've taken (and I've taken a bunch!). 

Since taking the course, I've gained over 3,000 followers and booked 4 clients from IG, bringing in $11,500!"
"I've gained 600 followers

And I've gained 10 more new clients to my business."
"I hit 30K!! 

I've also made $650 for 2 promoted posts, I've gotten 3 new clients, 4,300 new followers and I got a spot in Glamour Magazine."
Before I embraced Instagram... I was stuck. 
It wasn't until I "cracked the Insta code" that I reached my dream lifestyle.
InstaGrowth Boss is the go-to course for business owners, entrepreneurs, bloggers and influencers who want a QUALITY community of Instagram followers and to start making organic revenue from social media today.

InstaGrowth Boss comes with step-by-step video tutorials, templates, workbooks and cheat sheets for achieving Instagram growth, and monetizing that growth through your brand, business or online shop.
Showing proven methods used to grow accounts in a variety of industriesInstaGrowth Boss helps businesses, brands, and people to...
  • Attract quality Instagram followers (who stay)
  • Earn income through their business or influence
  • Create more freedom and flexibility in their lifestyle
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👆 Within just a few weeks of joining, Bertha booked in her first client.
“I wasn't even through the first part of the course when I landed my first client."
👇 Check out Bertha's journey with InstaGrowth Boss!
June 6th:
July 27th:
September 27th:
When you enroll in InstaGrowth Boss, you GET...
Step-By-Step Video Tutorials
  • Watch the step-by-step video explanations and how-to tutorials
  • Learn how to build a solid brand on Instagram and GROW
  • Monetize that targeted growth to boost your income
Done-For-You Templates + Workbooks
  • Done-for-you templates to copy and paste for your email pitches
  • Workbooks to put your learnings into practice ASAP
  • Quick-learn guides (AKA cheat sheets!) for those who prefer to read the lessons than watch the videos
5-Part Email Sequence Template 
  • 5-part email sequence for your Mailchimp or ConvertKit account... that you can literally copy and paste to welcome new subscribers to your business
  • Includes where to add in your own brand and story
  • This sequence is invaluable to nurturing new subscribers who've just joined your mailing list –– and to lead them to a sale
"I started with 276 followers, and now have over 1,500 within 5 months of starting the course.

"Not only did this course help me grow my account and provide me with the tools to get there, I have connected with so many supportive and likeminded people!" 
"I had 1,039 followers when I started InstaGrowth Boss. 

I currently have 7,054 followers, so I gained 6x more followers in less than 5 months."
"We started with 300 followers... 

And now we are well over 10,000 followers, which is a 3,300% growth in 10 months!"
InstaGrowth Boss is designed exclusively for...
Personal Brands
Bloggers, YouTubers and Influencers
  • Get reposted by your fave brand
  • Lock in your first paid collab
  •  Build your tribe & launch your product
  •  Host your first live class online or hold a fan meet-up in real life!
Service-Based Freelancers, Consultants and Coaches
  • Get real engagement on your posts from your dream clients
  • ​Open your DMs to find clients ready to book your packages
  • Grow your mailing list faster than ever
E-Commerce Shops
Etsy, Shopify and Online Product Shops
  • Sales... sweet sales showing in the backend of your online shop
  • Gain a raving fan base who eagerly await your next product launch
  • Hit the 10K mark and catapult your brand's authority and trust factor
Wanna know exactly what's inside InstaGrowth Boss?
InstaGrowth Boss reveals the 3 Pillar Framework, including:
  • Instagram Foundations
  • ​Instagram Growth Strategies
  • ​Monetizing Your Instagram Growth

With step-by-step video demos, templates, tools, and scripts, 
here’s EXACTLY what’s covered in each.
pillar 1: Instagram Foundations
  • Determine your most profitable purpose, theme, and niche for your brand
  • Pinpoint your audience (know who they are, and how to find them)
  • Tweak your profile so that you're found by your target followers
  • Design a feed that speaks to your audience, even if you have ZERO design experience
  • Plan your content, and know where to find new stuff or make your own
  • Learn how to easily edit your photos to increase your engagement
  • ​Nail the "perfect post" – each and every single time you hit "Share"
  • Use the scheduling tools I use to make this process super efficient – and addicting!
PILLAR 2: Growth Strategies
  • ​Locate and track your ideal followers using tried-and-true research methods
  • ​Use Instagram’s free built-in features to find more of your perfect followers
  • ​See how to make hashtags work for YOU
  • Engage with real, ideal followers – in a way that ISN'T a time-suck
  • ​Use simple formulas for building trust with potential followers
  • Get the inside scoop on ALL the follow methods (there are a lot of myths to bust)
  • ​Use Instagram Stories to gain even MORE traction to your account
  • ​Get all the growth tools you'll need
PILLAR 3: Monetizing Instagram
  • Get the Instagram monetization strategies for YOUR account, whether it's an influential personal account, blog, service-based business, brand, or an online shop
  • ​As an influencer, see how to track and prove your influence, AND pitch brands for sponsorships and paid collaborations (knowing exactly what to charge)
  • ​As a service-based or coaching business, get the methods and templates to drive traffic from the app to your website – and capture leads AND sales
  • ​As an online shop or product business, learn the fastest ways to drive sales and solidify brand loyalty (hello, returning customers!)

  • Watch Over My Shoulder As I Deep-Dive into Hashtags
  • ​Photo Editing Tips and Tricks with Nina Tekwani
  • ​Quick Graphic Design for the Non-Designer using Canva
  • ​Create Highlight Covers + Made-For-You Highlight Icons
  • ​Email Template for Pitching to Brands
  • ​Using Affiliate Links and Programs
  • ​Smartphone Photography Training
  • ​My 10 Highest Converting Caption Templates
In total? 
Worth $3,000.
I've curated and created the best BONUSES on the block.
Join today and get access to a special LIVE edition of the course.

Join InstaGrowth Boss & get access to the LIVE teachings of this course, including:
  • Pillar 1 Q&A Live Chat: Tuesday, November 7th (replay now available)
  •  Pillar 2 Q&A Live Chat: Tuesday, November 14th (replay now available)
  •  Pillar 3 Q&A Live Chat: Tuesday, November 21st (replay now available)
  • ​Brand New Live Training on Instagram Stories: Tuesday, November 28th
I've curated and created the best 
BONUSES on the block.
I've curated and created the best BONUSES on the block.
"Within 30 days of taking InstaGrowth Boss, my Instagram account grew from 
464 to 1,157 followers.

Plus, I had 2 client inquiries and one booking."
"My account grew by 600 followers, and it's also served as a portfolio to show potential clients what I can do.

Today I have 1,570 followers and it's taken me about 2 months. 

InstaGrowth Boss is easily one of the most high-quality online course offerings available, and I love to do a lot of courses! "
meghan ramsey
“I’ve gone from 350 followers to 1,350 followers since starting your course!

I also added a bio just like you talked about and this has led to more clicks!”
Ready to meet the woman behind InstaGrowth Boss?
Elise Darma
Instagram Marketer
Course Instructor
Hey there, I’m EliseI know what it’s like to build an Instagram following from scratch... and I’d love to show you how to do it, too — the smart way. 
These days, I'm a full-time Instagram marketer as I've grown multiple accounts from scratch, including my very own @EliseDarma.

But I got my start with Instagram as the founder of Canupy Inc, a marketing services agency for e-commerce brands.

Since 2013, I've grown personal and client accounts to a cumulative 250,000+ followers – WITHOUT major media features or having an existing brand or audience already in place.

My specialty? Building a brand new Instagram account from the GROUND. UP.

Over the past 4 years, I’ve made a full-time income through Instagram marketing, which has grown to a multiple 6-figure business.

My business teachings have been featured on media outlets like Forbes and Entrepreneur.com, as well as numerous business and marketing podcasts and blogs such as Teachable, Later, and Brit + Co.
Fair Warning: InstaGrowth Boss is NOT for everyone...
Let's go back to those "wild wild west" days...
I’ve been growing Instagram accounts through various methods since 2013, when very few brands had realized Instagram's potential. 

So I've spent YEARS...
...Reaching out to influencers, representing my client brands.
...Running giveaways and contests, for my client brands.
And I've been in the app literally every. single. day. since then.

Then, just last year...
I decide to “walk my own talk” with my personal Instagram account @elisedarma – to grow my marketing services business, and to lock in more clients.

When I first started...
In the spring of 2016, I had about 3,000 followers. They were from my years of experimenting with random methods, but to be honest, I didn't pay much attention to my personal account then – I mean, I had client accounts to grow! 
But then I made a switch...
By the summer of 2016, I reached 5,000 followers. That was July 1st.

By September 1st, I reached the coveted 10K mark

And then 30K by November. 

And 50K by February. 

It took just over 6 months to get there from start to finish. 
Along the way, I was building my other social audiences from scratch (including my mailing list, Facebook, and Pinterest profiles), so I had NO OTHER pre-existing community to move over to my Instagram. 

And nope! I never received a major media feature, or coverage by other blogs or Instagram accounts to boost my growth.
That’s why I know my method works. 

Because after years of testing Instagram methods for my clients, I put my OWN personal account to the ultimate test.

And it worked.

That means...
Whether you're growing a personal account, a blog, a service-based business or an online shopyou can replicate the exact methods I took to grow these types of accounts… in a fraction of the time and cost.
InstaGrowth Boss is NOT for you if…
  • ​You’re using this course as a distraction from starting your business or knowing who you serve, how you help them, and what your product or offer is
  • You’re not able to clearly see how you'd generate a positive return on your investment into this course within 30 to 60 days (with your offer, services, product or launch)
  • ​You’re overly skeptical that the methods which have worked for me and my clients for 6+ years won’t work for you
  • ​You’re impatient for results and expect followers (and money) to your account, like, yesterday
  • ​You're interested in coming in, checking out the materials and not doing any work
InstaGrowth Boss IS for you if:
  • ​You want to grow a quality following on Instagram of people who become fans and customers
  • ​You're ready to ditch the idea of needing a million followers on Instagram to have an impact
  • You want to build your brand and attract consistent income, press opportunities and features
  • You're eager to commit a few hours each week in return for unlimited new opportunities
  •  You appreciate being apart of a community that shares their wins and challenges
  •  You value live feedback, coaching and accountability
  • ​You're willing to invest time and money now in order to make more money in the future with your brand
I’m 200% confident in the materials inside InstaGrowth Boss.
If, within 7 days of purchasing, you’re unsatisfied with the materials inside InstaGrowth Boss, just drop us a line and we’ll process your refund.

We only ask that you don’t make your way through the entire course and then ask for a refund after you’ve learned what you need to know. That’s just not nice or good business karma, and it’s technically stealing! 😉
Let's not wait any longer. Get started with the free masterclass.
More questions? I have answers!
How will I know the InstaGrowth Boss Method will work for me?
I’m confident in the methods of InstaGrowth Boss because I’ve been using them FOR YEARS – for client accounts, and my own personal account.

These accounts range across different industries, from online shops to service-based businesses to personal brands.

I will guide and teach you everything I know, but your success comes down to your own effort, commitment and follow-through. The course doesn’t work unless you do. So if you’re ready to commit about 1-2 hours each week in learning and implementing, let’s do it!
How long will the course take me to complete?
The course is designed to be completed within a weekend or up to 30 days, but you can also go at your own pace and take however long you’d like to absorb all that juicy content.

I recommend to definitely take all the trainings inside Pillars 1, 2 and 3. The total video watching time is about 4 hours. All other trainings are optional and you can pick the ones more relevant to your account and business.
How long will I have access to the course materials?
As long as the course is running

Meaning, join today as a member and you'll get access to the course materials and any future updates for as long as the course continues to run.

(I'd say "forever access" but I'm pretty sure I can't guarantee that I'll be running this course forever... you know, cuz of mortality and everything.)
Is this course live?
No, not at this time. The live course typically runs about two times a year. So even by joining today, you'll be inside the program for the next live edition.

Also, once you enroll, you get instant access to the course teachings, templates and workbooks.
How can I order the course? 
Click the nearby button to get started with the free Instagram masterclass.
What if I don’t have a business to promote, or a product to sell?
How does being an influencer in a specific industry or niche sound to you? 

Without a blog, business or product to promote, you can still create an account (based on you – as a person – or a specific theme or interest) that generates buzz, followers, and brands wanting to collaborate with you. 

And down the road, your brand could very well turn into a business

InstaGrowth Boss shows you ALL methods – how to monetize as an influencer, business, or online shop.
Can I make money with a blog? 
Yes! As a blogger, you position yourself as an influencer – in what you share on your blog, and on your Instagram feed. 

As an influencer, you work directly with brands to try their products, and to share their messages with your own audience. 
Can you guarantee that I’ll hit a certain number of followers?
I will give you everything I know – via video tutorials, guides and support if you join us inside the private Facebook group – to help you see growth. 

I can’t guarantee you’ll reach a certain amount of followers because it all depends on:

1) where your account is starting at (some people are at 0, some are at 5,000) and
2) how diligently you learn and apply the materials.

But I can guarantee that if you follow my system, you will see growth to your Instagram account and business.
How will I access the course and learn the content?
The course content will be delivered via my private online school, which you'll get immediate access to once you complete the checkout process.
How will I get access to the private Facebook support group?
Once you're enrolled inside the course, you'll receive an email invite to access the private VIP group. And you'll also receive a welcome email with the link to request access to the group yourself.
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